What is Karatbars International

Karatbars International is first a gold company.

Global currency exchange system, free accounts where people can convert paper currency (bad money) into good money (physical gold), gold is money so this is saving and not spending. Gold has never gone bankrupt and is best known as a store of value, it’s a hedge against inflation, hyper inflation and currency crashes.

Karatbars International had a vision many years ago and step by step year after year the vision is now coming to fruition worldwide and what an undertaking and vision it is.

Watch the following video for why saving in gold is so important, especially today.

Karatbars International is the first ever gold company to eliminate all the middlemen.
Owning the mines, refineries, minting and distribution rights. Debt free fully self funded, well on the way to creating a competing parallel worldwide monetary system using sound money, gold.

Karatbars International because of these tactical advantages that have taken years to put together Karatbars have no real competition, meaning lowest prices and no nickle and dime antics, making gold bullion available for the masses is the goal.

what is karatbars international

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Karatbars are adorned by the LBMA stamp, which is a symbol governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe for Refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery practices.

What Karatbars International is also if anyone wants

A free affiliate business opportunity, meaning people can partner with Karatbars International, Karatbars International is a “by invitation only” private gold bullion savings program/club.

Also what is Karatbars International, a great retirement savings plan. there is no counter party risks with gold or in other words not connected with promises, while the majority of people have their savings plans, pensions evaporating on them (like 2008 meltdown) those holding physical gold have continued to have value increase. Take heed and listen to a gold specialist, too many people fear you knowing the truth and would rather you invest in markets and continue using their funny money.

what is karatbars international

What else is Karatbars International

A great fund raising opportunity for worthy groups needing to raise funds without spending and all the usual hassles. Earning an average of 20% of gold purchased, yes that’s right 20% if done properly, which isn’t hard to do. Click on the more details button to see  information on how the fund raising opportunity works.
what is karatbars international

I invite you to join us in this lucrative revolutionary crusade, it’s absolutely no costs, fees, obligations. No tricks gimmicks. This is not MLM or any type pyramid scheme as many would falsely believe. This is basically what is Karatbars International, to earn commissions from Karatbars International is simply share it with as many people as you can, truthfully there is an urgency to share this information and many people are appreciative as there is real value in helping people understand the facts about money and gold today. If you would just like a free gold bullion savings account you’re welcome also.

More details and get started creating your free account click this more details button, thank you for your time and I wish you the best. I also ask, please share this post.
what is karatbars international

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