KaratBars New Dual Comp Pay Plan Make Money Fast

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KaratBars International is going all out to make it easy for you to MAKE MONEY FAST!

I’ve said it from day one, it gets bigger, better, easier all the time, this is big news. Watch Lloyd Merrifield’s video on the new dual pay plan, link at bottom. Rolls out Sept 4 2012, this is great news.




 There is nothing like the ability to make big money fast and easy to motivate and that’s what Karatbars has put in place with their new Dual Compensation System.

They studied long and hard to come up with the answer and it’s now ready to go.


In the past, even though it makes all the sense in the world to own gold in this high inflationary environment, few took action to do that. As a result few made a lot of income referring others and ended up looking elsewhere. That is about to change!  Now the prime motivator is making money and many are about to see that happen.

Those who have built even a small group of 2-3 or more legs of business, whether they ended up buying gold or not, now have the foundation in place. Anyone who takes the time to listen and walk through the new system will quickly see how easy making a great income with Karatbars will be.







Yes it is easy to do, and although a good income is possible without making a single Gold purchase or spending a dime yourself, the fast, big incomes will happen ONLY if someone selects to join the Dual System by purchasing a Package that contains some gold Karatbars and incentives to attract other customers and Affiliates. They must also make their own 1 gram Karatbar purchase each month in order to be paid the income earned, which will easily be far more than the cost of that 1 gram.


Take a close look again. Make some serious income fast! Now the motivation to  make money will also help those who were not motivated to own gold to now protect themselves and help many others do the same. The new Dual System info is at:


http://KaratbarsPayPlan.INFO (Take the time to “think” your way through it) Sharing KaratBars can be as easy is showing someone a KaratBars Gold Money Card.




Need help? Feel free to connect with me I’m ready willing and able to help.
Please share this with your team, thank you.

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