Karatbars International Biz Op Why Has it Become so Good

Karatbars Biz Op Number #1 Here’s Why

Been looking for that just right Business Opportunity, you just found it. The incredible story behind what’s becoming one of the biggest successes in the last century. The facts are amazing.

What Karatbars has makes it such a good Biz Op?

17 year business history, group of 27 companies that have come together in a unique way, complimenting one another. Operations debt free and fully self funded. There is no equal anywhere in the world. Category creating, a proven highly successful formula with visionary brilliance, no real competition, right product at a time the world needs it the most, as the entire world is facing growing monetary problems, disruptions, KaratBars has and offers the solution. Strange is while people are looking for a solution one exists already, most don’t know it yet but KaratBars is growing fast and they soon will know.

So what makes Karatbars International different? Several things involved here. First Karatbars International owns the gold mines, they own the refineries, they own the minting and distribution rights, the brand name “KaratBars”, have earned the right to LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) certified.

Green gold, meaning no chemicals used in production. Proprietary extraction methods (more gold extracted from ore), Karatbars International can make a profit extracting gold from other mines tailings.

Karatbars one and only “spendable” gold, worldwide. Karatbars are tamper proof, counterfeit proof, small 1 Gram size make Karatbars convenient (user friendly). Easy to acquire, (little at a time, cost averaging easy to accomplish).

Karatbars International expanding worldwide, expecting to be in 194 countries by the end of 2012. Own I.T. department, legal department and own customer support. Karatbars International is not subject to 3rd parties and the disasters that could come if that were the case. The middlemen have been eliminated. First gold company in the world to ever accomplish this.

Karatbars production once 50,000 product cards (Karatbars) a day, has been beefed up with all the building space and equipment to produce 500,000 daily when needed.

Karatbars Information 


Karatbars Biz Op and credibility.

Karatbars International recommended by one of Europe’s top consumer watchdog groups (BDS). Karatbars International recently signed licensing agreement with the Vatican for 100,000 limited edition specialty Pope John Paul II product cards (collectors cards).

Karatbars International biz op,gold currency,payment of debt gold,

Karatbars International is taking full advantage of the “Internet” business model. Online accounts similar in many ways to an online bank account. People have full control of their  account, they own manage and control from the comfort of their home.

Global Currency Exchange System (nobody spends money or is ever asked to) Karatbars is gold money (real money). Several ways to acquire gold and “save” in gold bullion.

karatbars international,gold money,karatbars opportunity,

Gold is the “ultimate consumable” product, people never have enough. Karatbars gold bullion are the ideal solution when it comes to your own secure 100% controllable savings plans. Acquiring gold long term little by little is recommended. History bares out and proves all nay Sayers of gold wrong, 11.3% yearly average increase since 1969.

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Sept 3 2012 KaratBars Merchant program launching worldwide.


It should be obvious Karatbars International through years of planning and having a vision of a private competing parallel “sound money” monetary system, a “just” monetary system, when the entire world is needing it. 

The goal is to make gold available to the masses worldwide, no longer available to just the rich and wealthy. Karatbars is the lowest priced gold worldwide guaranteed, Karatbars International is sharing the success with anyone that wishes to be part of this worldwide revolution and crusade. Packed with value and benefits for people, this is why KaratBars has become a good home business opportunity, everybody needs KaratBars.

Karatbars obviously not out to nickle and dime anyone, all is no costs, fees, obligations whatsoever.

Hard to believe? Most people that become members of Karatbars International think there has to be a catch, til they realize there isn’t. When paper money is exchanged into Karatbars gold money, within 3 days the gold is shipped if that’s what customer wants or put in a high security vault (totally out of Karatbars Internationals hands, control) shipping time becomes only exception.

Even with all Karatbars does, it is still lowest price in world guaranteed. Tactical advantages over all other gold companies allow for this and a great compensation plan for affiliates.

Not only do Karatbars members get to take advantage of a great system/program for acquiring gold. Think where members will be in 10 years from now even if they are sharing this in their spare time, even if only with a few people a month.

My suggestion join, get connected with our members in our various groups, take a little time learning what we and you can have hands on here, your trust level will go through the roof, we call it getting over the bridge of disbelief.

I have never been this passionate about anything in my lifetime. Life changing value for people at no cost, it’s natural for people to look for ways to improve the quality of their life, KaratBars makes it real and possible.

                                                              Gold Coins, Bars and Ingots           Karatbars
Always certified for purity and weight                           no                                                yes
Can be used worldwide to settle debt                            no                                                yes
Can be counterfeited                                                        yes                                                no

FACT – Any asset class is worth what the market says it is willing to pay.

The market says that they are willing to pay more for the above features.
The market says that Karatbars are worth $2,251 an ounce (31.1 x this mornings spot price for 1 gram Karatbar)
The market says that all the other forms of gold are worth $1,565 an ounce + other fees and costs.

Most of the time
People get hurt because of what they do not know or are not told or taught. People perish because of lack of knowledge. It is all about getting good information to people. Our plan has the power to help them, their families and their friends.

Remember October of 2008?

Financial Crisis
Stock Market crashed
Banking system came within hours of a complete failure
The World’s Governments had to intervene
People were caught flatfooted
Trillions of dollars changed hands in a matter of a few hours

The people that got hurt in 2008 are the ones that either did not hear or pay attention to the warning signs.
They trusted the financial advice of others that gave them wrong advice.

Remember The 3 Little Pigs
One built his house with straw
One with sticks
One with bricks

Everyone here on planet earth is building a financial house of some kind.
We decide which blueprint we will use.
Trust the Governments, Trust Politicians, Trust the Big Banks?

We are in the business of Financial Education.
People will be, either better or worse financially, in the future based on decisions they make today.
We show people the very best way to preserve/protect money – period.

If the big bad wolf comes…….
Guess which house will stand?

Let’s build our house with gold bricks – one gram (Karatbar) at a time.
When the big bad wolf comes – we will have money to buy what we need
from our built up golden nest egg.

Others, that are using paper money and paper derivatives to build their
financial house, think that their financial house will stand are in for a
rude awakening – and – are at risk.

Karatbars International biz op,gold currency,payment of debt gold,


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